Charles & Ramona

“The Book of Proverbs said; He who finds a wife, finds a good thing. I have found a good thing in you, I have found my wife”. Away from the distractions of his groomsmen, away from all the noise from the city below, Charles sits there. He breathes out softly, embracing the promises he will make, to his soon to be wife.

They couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to seal their love for all eternity. Charles stands there, wiping his palms and loosening his collar. His groomsmen, his brothers, his family walks over to comfort him. As they lay their hands on his shoulders to say a prayer, sunlight peaks through as if our Father in heaven is reaching down, reminding Charles that he is here. That today is the day he takes their first step into their next chapter. The guests turn, Charles raises his head. He smiles then wipes a tear from his eye then and one by one the guests are left speechless as they witness the true beauty and grace that Ramona carries as she walks down the aisle.

Their vows were shared, not just words, not just promises, these are sacred. The crowd cheers and sheds tears as Charles and Ramona share their first kiss. Being apart of this wedding is more than just a day we got to share with them. It was being engulfed in warmth, culture, “Alofa”. It was a reminder to us why we love to do what we do. We are capturing moments, sharing stories and carving history for the families who attended. The night wraps up with dance and song, laughter and joy. Charles and Ramona embrace each other and without needing to say a single word. We know that they have both found a good thing, they found each other.