Damian & Jade

To put others before yourself and give your whole heart to not only someone but also their children. This selflessness is one of the purest forms of Love, we had the honour of witnessing. 

Before she was even ready or had her hair done, Jade was making sure her new stepdaughters were. During the big day of a wedding, the true meaning of it all can easily be forgotten. It isn’t the decorations, the cake, the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses and it isn’t all about the bride as well. In my opinion, it is about celebrating your unique love story and sharing that precious moment with those who are most dare. 

“I have truly never been this happy until you came into my life with your four beautiful girls” - These were the words of Jade, sharing her vows to her soon-to-be husband Damian. When we think back to this wedding, it truly brings warmth our hearts and a soft smile on my face. The entire day I couldn’t help but think this is what true love is.