Dina & Sherrie

“For anyone who thinks they will never find love, you just haven’t found your Sherrie yet.” These were the words that Dina spoke as he made his final toast to his new wife. They say that our soul mates come into our lives when the stars align and the heavens allow it but for Dina and Sherrie’s case, it was more than inevitable. What had initially started as an innocent family Halloween party quickly turned into a game of matchmaker. Even if cupid had taken the night off, his family was more than prepared to make sure the job was done. Dina spoke about a spontaneous stroll on the beach with Sherrie as a “walk to remember” and not long after they shared their first kiss. At that moment, that very moment there, they knew that kiss had sealed the deal and they had just walked into the next chapter of their lives together. Suddenly, they heard rustling coming from the bushes behind them, followed by loud cheers and applause, it was all their friends and family hiding, watching the whole thing. 

Years later, their love story introduced a beautiful baby girl named Savannah. Who has the quiet yet caring nature of her father and the effortless grace of her mother. Sherrie ended her toast saying that this wedding night was perfect and being able to have their daughter be a part of it was a dream come true.

Now whether we blame the universe, cupid or their very determined family, there is no doubt that Dina and Sherrie were soul mates. Stepping into their new chapter as husband and wife, may this path become a “walk to remember”.