Liam & Amy

It almost sounds like the perfect love story. From holding hands walking down the halls in high school as sweethearts, to now walking down the aisle as husband and wife.   

There was no need for something extravagant and over the top, they only had one focus for their wedding, Love. This was a day to celebrate them, their journey, their story and everyone who helped them get there. His hands were nervous and breathing was heavy but then came a familiar face, gentle eyes that calmed the storm. Just Amy’s presence alone changed the entire energy as she entered the room. We all raised, as she walked down the aisle. Her grandmother started to shed tears, as though she was thinking back on all the years of raising her up to this point. The countless memories of diaper changes, popsicles sticks in the hot sun and bedtime stories. What had started as a young girl, now transformed into a beautiful woman. Her duty as a grandmother was finally complete.  

After the ceremony, we began the portrait session. With every photo we took, the more they began to settle into their true selves again. At that moment, we could see the same young love they had for each other in high school even brighter now. Nearing the end of the day, we found them hand in hand, dancing as they crossed the bridge that connected them to their next chapter in life.  

What started as high school sweethearts, now eternal companions.   

No better ending to this perfect love story.