Xavier & Jordan

A love story that travelled the globe. This is nothing short of the truth for Xavier and Jordan. While travelling around the states with her mum, Jordan’s travel bug had bit her hard and she already had her sights set onto the next destination, New Zealand. After long conversations with her mum about how moving abroad and out of home will not only be beneficial for her personal growth but also for her education. They finally came to an agreement, her mum had said: “you can move to New Zealand, as long as you don’t meet a boy there and fall in love.” So off she went but before they knew it, this plan was already flawed from the start. 

While attending a church party, Jordan quickly noticed Xavier. Now the old saying of “tall, dark and handsome” was all in check but after a few dates, she quickly learned that the list of boxes he ticked was much longer than that. They quickly fell madly in love with each other and no one could separate them apart. And, before they knew it, they were engaged and had started planning the wedding. 

It was our first time ever in Adelaide and being able to shoot this gorgeous couple in Jordan’s hometown was an honour. Driving through the rolling hills, it really took our breath away. While scouting for shoot locations, we quickly noticed a beautiful pine forest with no one around, so it was only right that we jump the fence and start our portrait session there. In this beautiful location with no one around, It seemed that the universe had planned a little moment for their souls to embrace each other before the big event that was to come. 

Their wedding was a beautiful blend of both their cultures. Both sides of the family exchanged love and respect towards each other and welcomed their newest member of the tribe with warm eyes and open arms.

It was such an amazing experience to be a part of. Seeing how happy and loved Jordan was as she embraced her new husband, I laughed to myself as I thought back on that innocent promise she made to her mum years ago.

I think she knew this promise was going to be broken from the start. But, judging from the tears of joy in her mum’s eyes and the smile she had on her face, I think all has been forgiven.