About Meadow Lane Visuals

Hi there! Welcome to Meadow Lane Visuals. We are a small team of photographers and videographers based in the Gold Coast/ Brisbane area who are passionate about capturing your love story.

‘Love’ being filled with so much depth, it quickly became our favourite story to tell. Every couple has a different story of how they met, the awkward first dates, the proposal and so much more. Our approach to capturing your love is just that, to capture you and your partner being completely and unapologetically yourselves. This is what we fell in love with and now its time to tell your story! 

Our Philosophy

We love to capture the raw, unfiltered, real sides of people. The goosebumps, the loud and quiet, the inside jokes, the gut busting laughs, you know, the real stuff.

Anyone can create some posed, fake, untrue version of who you are but we want to go much deeper than that.

We want to know your love story, the thing you love most about each other, the things that make you cry, your favourite memory of each other, we want to learn all of these things and portray your entire love story through the imagery we take.

If you are looking for someone who is all about capturing the unique, perfectly imperfect things that make you you, then we think we might just be the perfect fit.


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