About Us

Hi there! Welcome to Meadow Lane Visuals. We’re a small team of wedding photographers and videographers. Based in Gold Coast, Aus we are united by our shared passion for capturing love stories.

Love may only be a four-letter word, but contained within those four letters are thousands of promises of adventure, passion and excitement. It quickly became our favourite story to tell, bonding us together through creativity, inspiration and expression. Every romance is a love story in the end.
Now, we want to tell yours.

Our Philosophy

We’re forever in pursuit of the authentic. Every time we pick up our cameras, we set out to capture the raw and unfiltered, the grand and intimate, the loud and quiet, the laughter, the goosebumps, the rituals.

We want to go deeper than a few pretty photographs. Although they may look nice, they don’t connect with who you are. We want to dive down and find the real you.

So we start with your love story. The journey that’s brought you both to this point. The foundations that will carry you boldly into the future. Let us in on everything about yourselves, your favourite memory of each other, the time you laughed yourself breathless, the time you cried yourselves dry. We’ll weave all these details into our retelling of your beautiful history.

Love is more than just a four-letter word. Your wedding is more than just another day for you. And it’s so much more than just another job for us.


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